December 7, 2021

Cayman: Opposition Members to Premier – Stop the Crying!

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Hon. Arden McLean

The members of the Official Opposition today issued a call for the Premier to “stop the crying” and get on with the people’s work. This follows the COVID-19 press conference held last Friday, 18th September 2020 where the Premier announced that the constitutional amendments would proceed without the removal of Section 81. The Premier in his comments at the press briefing referred to the so-called failure of the Legislature to pass the Domestic Partnership Bill. The Premier is quoted as saying: 

“I will always regret the opportunity that we, as legislators, and as a country have lost.” 

Leader of the Opposition, Hon. V. Arden McLean, in response to the Premier’s statement had this to say: 

“It is clear that as the Premier is coming to the end of his term that he has lost sight of what is important. I want to use this opportunity to remind him that we are here to make people’s lives better.”.

“It is clear that whether Section 81 was removed or not, it would not matter to the UK Government as their recent actions on the Internal Market Bill relating to Brexit show that they have no regard for their international obligations.  Their own Minister admitted that the Bill would be a breach of international law and scores of own members have resigned from the Government in protest.   It is self-evident that the UK will always do what is in their best interests and that this Governor is here to do what is in the UK’s best interests.  Rather than thank the Governor for doing what is best for the UK, he should learn from him and do what is in the best interests of the Caymanian people and the Cayman Islands.” 

Mr. McLean further added: 

“Rather than crying about what he thinks the country lost, he should instead be concerned about what Caymanian people have lost.  

What about the loss of their quality of life from a high cost of living? 

What about the lost productivity from being stuck in traffic? 

What about the lost opportunities for the Caymanians who are marginalized and discriminated against in the workforce? 

What about the loss of health from this stressful environment? 

What about the lost school days for our children as a result of this pandemic? 

We are legislators – not babies. We work in the Legislative Assembly – not a day-care centre. So, stop your crying and go and do the work you are paid to do!” 

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