January 23, 2021

Cayman: Once in a Blue Moon

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11th January 2021

Blue Iguana Twins

The arrival of twin blue iguanas was a special highlight of the recent breeding season at Blue Iguana Conservation facility. This is a rare occurrence in reptiles and, although not the first time for blue iguanas, it is still a special occasion. As hatchlings, the twins were very vulnerable due to their small size, weighing less than 15 g at the point of hatching, the equivalent weight of one AAA battery! Now 6 months on, the twins have steadily grown and become stronger, surviving the heavy rains during hurricane season and now have their own personalities.

Iguana Warden, Peri Smalldon, expressed his excitement: ‘The twins were a real surprise for the team as you can never expect two hatchlings in the same egg. The survival of the twins given their small size was against the odds, particularly during the 2020 hurricane season, however, we are very proud of this achievement by the BIC team and it is a positive news story to share during what has been a tough year for everyone’.

The twins of Grand Cayman’s endemic blue iguanas can only be viewed during the guided tours at the Blue Iguana Conservation facility, which includes special access to the Blue Nursery. Please note, self-guided tours of the facility do not include nursery access. Guided tours: Adults CI$20.00 and Children CI$10.00. Proceeds from ticket sales directly benefit Blue Iguana Conservation. Tour pass includes access to the QEII Botanic Park.

Stay connected with all things Blue Iguana Conservation and for updates on the twins by following Blue Iguana Conservation on Facebook and Instagram: @blueiguanaconservation. If you are interested in supporting our Blue Iguana Conservation work whether through a monetary donation or as a volunteer please email Luke Harding at [email protected]

About the National Trust for the Cayman Islands
The National Trust for the Cayman Islands is a non-governmental organization whose mandate under the National Trust Law (2010 Revision) includes the preservation of the historic, natural and maritime heritage of the Cayman Islands for present and future generations.

About the Blue Iguana Conservation Programme
The Blue Iguana Recovery Programme began in 1990 with only 30 dedicated Blue Iguanas and the primary goal to restore the wild population to 1,000 Blue Iguanas, encouraging viable population in the long-term. Having met its primary goal in 2018, the initiative formally transitioned to the Blue Iguana Conservation Programme in 2019 with a new focus of sustainably conserving the native species of Grand Cayman.

About the National Trust’s Environmental Programme
The National Trust for the Cayman Islands’ environmental programme was founded on the concept that the protection of native plants and animals is best achieved by protecting the natural areas in which they depend.

About the National Trust Conservation Programme
The National Trust for the Cayman Islands’ conservation programme strives to protect Cayman’s native species and the habitats in which they live, and includes the endemic Blue Iguana of Grand Cayman, the Sister Islands Rock Iguana and Cayman’s native bat species.

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