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 Cayman: OfReg Commences Inquiries into ‘Sea Elephant’ Incident

Mr. Sonji Myles, Interim CEO, OfReg

Cayman Islands utilities regulator, OfReg, has begun its inquiries into the recent incident involving the oil tanker ‘Sea Elephant,’ which occurred off the coast of Cayman Brac on 7 July 2024. OfReg confirms that there have been no reports of any fuel spills as a result of this incident.

The incident, which involved damage to the hull of the vessel and an alleged area of the sea bottom, is being thoroughly investigated by multiple government agencies, the Department of Environment, Coast Guard, and Port Authority. While the vessel was delivering diesel to Cayman Brac at the time of the accident, OfReg can assure the public that there has been no leakage of fuel.

The situation continues to be monitored closely as a precautionary measure. OfReg will provide updates as they become available and will work diligently with all relevant authorities to ensure the highest standards of environmental and operational safety are maintained.


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