February 24, 2020

Cayman: North Side MLA announces new People’s Party


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North Side MLA Ezzard Miller has announced a new political party – the Cayman Islands People’s Party (CIPP).

Miller, speaking at a Press Conference said it would be run differently from all the others.

This new party has been organised where the members, and not the leadership, retain control of the party.

He said:

“The Constitution of the People’s Party is structured to achieve this basic dynamic, so that every member — at all levels — becomes an integral partner in the process of governance.

“The party will rest on a foundation of small neighbourhood groups that will share information across communities and upwards to electoral district committees. The electoral district committees will, in turn, be represented in a national steering committee that will ensure that the people’s needs are understood and actioned. In the same way, information will travel down to and across communities and neighbourhoods.”

For more information you are invited to email him at: [email protected]

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