December 1, 2020

Cayman news in brief

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Cancer Soc_officePrisoners suffocating in police van


From the RCIPS

An incident of a prisoner fainting due to claustrophobia while waiting in a prison transport vehicle yesterday (Friday, 15 February 2013), led to some confusion outside the courts building.

At about 3pm a group of eight male prisoners was being prepared for transport from the courts in George Town to Her Majesty’s Prison Northward.

However, after the prisoners were secured inside the transport vehicle, the prison officer inside the vehicle exited to assist another officer. He was then inadvertently locked out by the vehicle’s automatic central locking system.

The prison was called for a spare vehicle key to be sent. It arrived within 20 minutes.

In the meanwhile, the vehicle was running with the air-conditioning on. The prisoners inside had been restrained within the vehicle, as is standard procedure.

The prison supervisor outside the vehicle explained to the inmates what was occurring, and they indicated that they understood the situation.

However, when the affected inmate complained of claustrophobia and then fainted, the others became anxious. They kicked on the rear door until the metal stair outside became dislodged, causing one of the rear windows to break.

By then, the backup key had arrived and the door was opened by prison officers.

Assistance was given to the affected prisoner who had collapsed in the van. He was taken to the Cayman Islands hospital by ambulance. He was treated and released to prison officials later that evening, and transported to Northward.

That afternoon, as the other seven inmates exited the vehicle a short period of confusion prevailed. However, they were soon restrained by RCIPS and prison officers, including supplemental prison officers who had arrived in another prison transport vehicle.

Within ten minutes the inmates were being transported back to prison, under RCIPS escort.

As usual, a full inquiry is being undertaken into this incident..

Restaurant temporarily closed after immigration raid

Game On and Sail On , two restaurants in Grand Harbour was raided by officials from the Cayman Islands Immigration Department on Friday (15), who, we understand, found a number of persons there being employed illegally without a valid work permit license.

The restaurants were formerly known as the Brickhouse and Doghouse and the names were changed when the new owner, Mario Rankine, took over.

Rankine told CITN/Cayman27 that he thought the immigration officials were mistaken.

Cancer Society gets another break-in

A mean spirited thief or thieves broke into the Cancer Society home on Maple Drive, George Town, during Thursday (14) night only a few months after a similar attack.

A safe, laptop computer and a coin jar was stolen. The break-in was accomplished through a window that was broken by the intruder(s).

The money in the safe was to be used for essential cancer treatment.

The Cayman Islands Cancer Society is a non-profit organization formed in 1995.  The Society is committed to preventing the development of cancer through our educational programs and screening initiatives.  They assist cancer patients with medical related expenses through their financial aid programme. They also offer counselling and support to cancer patients and their families.  The Society funds its programmes through fundraising events and from charitable donations.

To steal from charity organisations is the lowest form of criminal activity on earth.

More burglaries on the Brac

The fourth burglary in as many weeks occurred on Cayman Brac on Sunday (10) when the MoneyGram premises at West End was broken into.

Other business burgles included the Captain’s Table restaurant, Treasure Chest Jewelry Store and Big Daddy’s Fine Wine and Spirits.

According to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service they believe it is the work of the same person or persons.

A police spokesperson said, ““The culprit or culprits used some kind of tool to pry open the front door. This is the same method of entry at all four burglaries and it seems that the same person/s has committed these burglaries.”

Investigations are ongoing.

IMG_0623Ag show attracted thousands

The Cayman Islands Agricultural Show on Ash Wednesday (13) attracted thousands. There was an incredible array of entertainment, displays, competitions, things to do and see, local foods to try and items to buy.

The Cayman Islands Agricultural Society produced the event that has been one of Cayman’s biggest attractions for over 40 years – this was the 46th. Starting from humble beginnings with the Cricket Oval by the airport in George Town being one of the venues, it really took off when it moved to its permanent home in Lower Valley.

IMG_0628There were plenty of plants on sale, farmer’s market, livestock with cows “mooing” non-stop, fresh local produce, arts and craft displays, show jumping, and food vendors from East End to West Bay.

There was also music to entertain you and to hear the Caribbean rhythms from the steel pans was a real pleasure.

IMG_0626If you were put off by all the traffic you shouldn’t have been. It was well worth the ‘crawl’.


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