November 27, 2021

Cayman: New COVID-19 Cases Identified in Educational Institutions

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Public Health Cayman

Public Health has confirmed that seven additional children have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Included in the new cases were three students from Prospect Primary, one from George Town Primary School, one student from John Gray High School (a direct contact of a Prospect student already in isolation) one student from Just for Kids Preschool and one from Triple C School.

Public Health and the private hospitals partnered to test classmates of the affected students, and all teachers who have had prolonged interaction with those classes today (1 October) per the below schedule:

SchoolTesting AgencyTesting SiteTime
Triple C SchoolDoctors HospitalDrive Through – Doctors Hospital1:30 PM
Prospect PrimaryPublic HealthLion’s Centre2:30 PM
Just for KidsPublic HealthLion’s Centre2:00 PM
John Gray High SchoolHealth CityJohn Gray High School2:30 PM

If there are no additional positives identified in these classes after today’s testing, classes will resume for these students on Monday, 4 October 2021.

Alternately, if there are additional positive cases identified in these classes, then the class with the additional positives will be isolated with their households for 14 days.

A new protocol developed with Public Health, The Ministry of Health & Wellness, and the Ministry of Education for handling confirmed cases of COVID-19 in schools is as follows:

  • In the event of a confirmed case in a class/year group (student or teacher):
    • The case will be isolated with their household and retested on Day 15;
    • The classroom(s) and common areas will be sanitised in the evening/night.
    • The entire class/year group will be tested, and lessons will continue in school.
  • If additional cases are identified in the testing, the entire class/year group and members of their households will be required to isolate.
  • Persons in isolated households will be retested On Day 15
    • If the household retests negative, then they will be released from isolation.
    • If a member(s) of the household retest positive, the entire household remains in isolation until they test negative.

To contact the Flu Hotline, please contact 1-800-534-8600, 947-3077, or email [email protected].

For additional COVID 19 information, contact Public Health at 244-2648.

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education, in partnership with the Department of Education Services, issued COVID-19 Guidelines for all educational institutions on 14 September, 2021.

Educational Institutions should continue follow those guidelines.

For classes/year groups that are in isolation, students and teachers will activate the remote learning protocols.

Additional sanitisation protocols have also been put in place.

To download the MoE COVID 19 Guidance for Educational Institutions, visit

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