March 22, 2023

Cayman: King Charles III Proclaimed King at Cayman Islands Proclamation Ceremony

Following the first public proclamation at St James’s Palace in London, in a solemn ceremony that ushered in a new era while paying homage to centuries-old pageantry, the Cayman Islands along with other Overseas Territories & Realms joined together to pledge allegiance to the new Sovereign, His Majesty King Charles III.

With flags flying at full-mast across the Cayman Islands for this morning’s proclamation ceremony held at Government House in Grand Cayman, the atmosphere was filled with optimism and best wishes for His Majesty The King’s new journey against the backdrop of emotion and mourning for Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.   

The ceremony commenced with a parade that included the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, Cayman Islands Coast Guard, Her Majesty’s Prison Service, Cayman Islands Regiment and Cayman Islands Fire Service all wearing black armbands and marching in synchronization to the rhythm of the drummers.  

Members of Cabinet, Parliamentarians and Former Parliamentarians were in attendance. 

The Acting Chief Justice, the President of the Court of Appeal, the Hon Speaker and Hon Deputy Speaker were amongst many dressed in their wigs and robes as the Judiciary, Parliamentary staff and several King’s Counsels (formerly Queen’s Counsels) captured the pomp and tradition of this historic ceremony in their regal formal dress. 

Other attendees included Senior Civil Servants and Heads of SAGCs, Honorary Consuls, Justices of the Peace, Recipients of Royal Honours, Veterans and Seafarers.

On the beautiful bright and sunny Cayman Islands morning with almost no cloud in sight a large reverent crowd of both residents and visitors gathered to witness the historic occasion of proclamation of The King.

Once His Excellency The Governor, Martyn Roper and Mrs. Roper and the Premier, Hon G Wayne Panton and Mrs. Panton, arrived and took their places, the ceremony began with fanfare provided by trumpeters.  His Excellency stepped onto the dais and read from an unfurled scroll held by his aide-de-camp the Proclamation of the New Sovereign to a captivated audience.

At the completion of the reading of the proclamation, the parade offered a Royal Salute and presented arms.  This was followed by a most remarkable moment when the Governor led the cry, “God Save The King”, which was repeated by all in attendance in full voice.

History was once again made when, for the first time in over 70 years, the National Anthem became “God Save the King” as the attendees sang accompanied by the Mass Band.

In a conclusion fitting for a king the historical proclamation ceremony drew to a close with a 21-gun Royal Salute and a rousing three cheers for His Majesty The King.

The State Funeral for Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, will be held on Monday, 19th September at Westminster Abbey in London. The day will be observed as a public holiday in the United Kingdom and Cayman Islands.


The people of the Cayman Islands join others around the world in mourning the loss of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Visit our page to get updates on how we are remembering her great legacy during this period of National Mourning:

Photo Cred: Mina Whorms, Department of Communications

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