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Cayman Islands: Yellow Media group wins Community Impact Award

Yello Media Group received the prestigious Cayman Island’s Chamber of Commerce Community Impact Award at the Chamber’s annual Business Excellence Awards, hosted at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman on October 27, 2018.

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards honours outstanding work conducted by local businesses and Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce members for the betterment of the community and the private sector. The Community Impact Award specifically recognises companies that develop sustainability initiatives that improve the community.

Content Feature Writer, Maia Muttoo, shared “A strong focus on community has always been one of the foundations of our work at Yello Media Group, from our Yello2Green sustainability programmes to our commitment to connecting users with local businesses. It’s an incredible honour to receive this recognition, and to be nominated alongside other businesses and individuals whose business excellence positively impacts the Cayman Islands community.”

Yello Media Group received the Community Impact Award for Excellence for their three sustainability programs:

1. Yello2Green Recycling

2. Yello2Green Recycling School Challenge

3. Yello2Green Recycling Event Kiosks

The Yello2Green Recycling and School Challenge programmes are two of the most impactful environmental initiatives within the entire Caribbean.  Created in 2010, Yello2Green activates everyone in the community including residents, business owners, schools, parents and students to come together to collect used phone directories.  In 2018, Yello Media Group had over 23 collection points country-wide, including sister-island Cayman Brac.  Yello Media Group organises the collection and shipment of the directories to their sustainability partner Green Fiber in Tampa, Florida.  Green Fiber turns these paper materials back into their original fibers and then into reusable home insulation products. Over the course of the eight-year programme, Yello Media Group has collected and recycled over 200,000 directories, turning them into home insulation for over 200 homes! (

In addition, in 2018, Yello Media Group created and launched the Yello2Green Recycling Event Kiosk programme.  This programme places large, reusable recycling event kiosks at local events to collect ALL forms of recyclables including plastics, aluminum and glass.   The Yello2Green Recycling Event Kiosk programme is the only one of its kind in Cayman and has been highly received in the community. This year the kiosks were installed at signature local events including Taste of Cayman, the Agricultural Show and Batabano, allowing for thousands of community participants to recycle at these events.  Next up, the Yello2Green Recycling Event Kiosks will be on the streets of George Town for the upcoming Pirates Week celebrations in November.  Additionally, a local Primary School, Savannah Primary, asked for a kiosk and we were honored to donate and share, so they have a semi-permanent Yello2Green Recycling Kiosk in their canteen for the students to use daily.

Yello Media Group is the only publishing company in the Cayman Islands who has created their own recycling programme, independently collecting and recycling their print products.  Their trio of Yello2Green initiatives lead the community to increase environmental awareness and protection and educate children on the importance, benefits and responsibilities of recycling for both the community and the environment.  Yello Media Group is proud to support, further impacting the next generation, giving Cayman sustainability tools and knowledge that will last a lifetime.



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