July 13, 2020

Cayman Islands: Work on South Sound Boardwalk to begin February


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From GIS

Work on the South Sound Boardwalk is anticipated to begin on 19 February 2018. A contract was signed with The Phoenix Construction Group late last year, but some final technical details had to be worked out prior to commencement. The proposed construction period anticipates a completion in Mid/late June 2018.

The project entails a 10-12ft wide boardwalk about 1,500ft long, along the complemented with benches, parking, a bike lane and will provide ample area for residents to enjoy the scenic view.

IMAGE: South Sound

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  1. Chris Johnson says

    What ever happened to the North Church street boardwalk started by Robert Johnson , my son. 18 property owners agreed to it including me. As you know I did the side walk at the fish market where previously pedestrians stood a fair chance of being run over. Only one other property owner, by the fish shack has made any real effort to errections a sidewalk.

    Closer to town the property owner, Kel Thompson created a car park, the most dangerous in town which is contrary to all setbacks and which was opposed by the NRA. As usual the NRA opposition was ignored by the CPA who clearly have their own agenda. It is called ‘ who you know’.

    Meanwhile we have a South Sound Boardwalk , not likely to be used by tourists whose fate on North Church Street remains in the lap of the gods.

    When will government get their priorities in order.

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