September 21, 2020

Cayman Islands woman brutually attacked by group of dogs in Bahamas


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Pink Sands Beach

A woman who was brutally attacked by a group of dogs while visiting a family on island is concerned that if authorities do not send out a public warning, a life could be taken.

Shevaun Davies, who lives in Grand Cayman, said she was bitten several times on Tuesday, May 22, about the body as she jogged on the Pink Sands Beach at Harbour Island.

Ms Davies, who first emailed The Tribune with her account and later called the newsroom, said she ultimately had to run into the ocean to escape the “pack of wolves” who could have taken her life.

She said: “I was approached by what seemed to be four stray dogs , I stopped running and stood still hoping they would pass me by, but unfortunately that was not the case . Completely unprovoked, the dogs attacked me (and) I was bitten severely on my front right thigh and while that was happening two of the dogs bit me badly on my back left thigh,” Ms Davies said.

Not only was she left with severe wounds as a result of the attack, Ms Davies said she is now left traumatised.

She said: “Dog bites are normally never stitched up so that bacteria can be released from them instead of being stitched in, but mine were so bad I required 20 stitches, three bags of IV antibiotics, a course of daily antibiotics , and the stitches in the worst bite must remain for 2 weeks to keep the skin together while it heals.”

“I just keep recalling the whole ordeal in my head, wondering if I could have rabies or some other infection. I am now concerned that no one has been warned about what happened,” said Ms Davies.

Ms Davies added that she believes at least two other people have since been attacked by the dogs

Police sources on the island said the dogs belong to a couple who own a vacation home on the island. They have both been charged for the incident.

Officials on the island have also laid traps along the beach to round up any other stray dogs that might be on the loose, the source said.

The Humane Society here in Nassau said they were not aware of the incident.

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