January 23, 2022

Cayman Islands Water Authority gears up for Annual Geology

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aaeaaqaaaaaaaal3aaaajdq5nty4odczltyxnzatndkwmi1iymvklwq5ztk1ogniodk5yqFrom Monday, 17 October, to Friday, 21 October, Water Authority — Cayman will once again host its Annual Geology Education Week.
Now in its fourth year, Geology Education Week 2016 will include geology lessons for students at local high schools, including Layman E. Scott High School in Cayman Brac, as well as a Professional Development Day for educators and other professionals that will include visits to sites of geological significance in Grand Cayman.
The Authority is pleased to announce that geologist Dr. Brian Jones will be returning to the Cayman Islands for this year’s events, and that a new local expert will also be partnering with the Authority for Geology Education Week. Artist Horacio Esteban whose Caymanite sculptures have been impressing local and international critics for more than 30 years, will use his artwork to show the artistic value inherent in the unique geology of the Cayman Islands.
Mr. Esteban has said in the past that his art “is not only made in Cayman, it is Cayman” because of the raw stone he uses as the medium for his sculptures.
“Each rock is almost like a time capsule,” he said, adding that many of his sculptures and photographs highlight unique inclusions and fossils that are of geological significance.
A selection of Mr. Esteban’s prints and sculptures will soon go on display in the Water Authority’s lobby for customers and the general public to view throughout the month of October. Water Authority Director Gelia Frederick-van Genderen said that she is looking forward to seeing customers’ reactions to the artwork.
“At the Authority, our interest in geology is primarily scientific but Mr. Esteban’s sculptures will help show the public how beautiful the rocks and fossils of the Cayman Islands can be,” she said.
The scientific value of the local geology will be addressed by Dr. Jones through a series of lectures offered to participating high schools. Dr. Frederick-van Genderen said that she is looking forward to welcoming Dr. Jones back to the Cayman Islands.
“Dr. Jones’ history of geology research and education in the Cayman Islands spans the last 30 years,” Dr. Frederick-van Genderen said. “We are pleased that the Water Authority is once again able to host Geology Education Week and provide an opportunity for Dr. Jones to share his expertise with local students and educators.”
Mr. Esteban said he is looking forward to meeting Dr. Jones.
“Meeting him for the first time is going to be pretty interesting given that his books have formed the backbone of my own research and discovery,” he said.
The public is encouraged to visit the Authority’s headquarters and view the magnificent art on display throughout the month of October. The public can also follow along with Geology Education Week by following the Authority’s posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter throughout the week.
For more information on the Water Authority, please visit www.waterauthority.ky.

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