October 28, 2020

Cayman Islands’ Triple C students lending a hand


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dsc_0014As Triple C School celebrates their 75th anniversary, the students could not help but think of those in the neighboring countries that are struggling after the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan. With great urgency the student body worked together to raise funds and collect goods for the people of Haiti and Cuba. The students were able to help send clothes and non-perishable items with the team that alumni, Matthew Leslie (Class of 1997), helped to coordinate.

On Friday, November 4th, the students also presented a check for $797.00 to Pastors Winston & Hyacinth Rose of the Church of God Chapel – Bodden Town for their mission trip to Haiti where all the funds will be given to the missionary Sister Phillis Newby. Sis. Newby has been a missionary in Haiti for 44 years and the funds will help assist her with feeding many families who have been devastated by the storm. “We were very impressed by the thoughtful gesture made by the of the students of Triple C School, who worked so hard to raise the funds, in addition to their outstanding contribution which they had already given last month when the relief supplies were airlifted by Cayman Airways,” the Roses expressed. “We are so proud of the students and touched by their compassion for others who find themselves in such a place of need. We are also cognizant of the fact their parents and the teachers at Triple C School have provided the caring and nurturing environment that have fostered these attitudes.”

tyshanti-scott-grade-9-kaylani-scott-grade-6-and-kaytlee-sexton-grade-7-the-three-student-organizers-for-the-haiticuba-food-and-clothing-relief-initiativeThe Roses and a group of four others will be leaving on Thursday, November 10th for Haiti and will deliver supplies and donations personally to Sis. Newby. Mrs. Jennifer Allen, the Elementary Vice-Principal of Triple C School said, “We’re very proud of our students for demonstrating compassion and love for people, just as Jesus taught us to do.”

PHOTOS: Picture 1: Pastors Winston & Hyacinth Rose (Top Left) receiving the check from the elementary students, the Elementary Vice-Principal, Mrs. Jennifer Allen and Mr. Lennox Hayden, Teacher’s Assistant. Picture 2: Tyshanti Scott – Grade 9, Kaylani Scott – Grade 6 and Kaytlee Sexton – Grade 7, the three student organizers for the Haiti/Cuba food and clothing relief initiative.

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