July 26, 2021

Cayman Islands Tourism comments on passing of Capt. Charles O Ebanks “Captain Chuckie”

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Comments on the passing of Capt. Charles O Ebanks “Captain Chuckie”

Statement from Deputy Premier and Minister of Tourism, Hon. Moses Kirkconnell

Capt. Charles Ebanks known by many as Captain Chuckie was a dynamic individual, able to impart his vast knowledge of the water sports history of the Cayman Islands in a charismatic way to anyone he was speaking with whether on island or representing the country at events abroad.  His role in the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame (ISDHF) board enabled us to work closely with him in continuing the vision of recognizing our local pioneers of the tourism industry.  Recognised in 2010 as a Local Honouree in the ISDHF, Capt. Chuckie held many positions integral to the success of the water sports industry such as his time as president of the Cayman National Water sports Association, in addition, to his time serving on other Cayman Islands government boards.

Throughout the community, Capt. Chuckie was recognised for his work as an entrepreneur in the tourism field but also as a community-minded man and devoted father.  We will forever be grateful for the legacy he has created in the Cayman Islands and the impact of his work in tourism and beyond.


Statement from Director of Tourism, Mrs. Rosa Harris

As a respected member of the local maritime community as well as member of the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame (ISDHF) board, we at the Department of Tourism are honoured to have had the privilege of working closely with the late Capt. Chuckie. Captain Chuckie had deep knowledge about our country and pioneering tourism start-up which made him the perfect ambassador in traveling with DOT to promote the Cayman Islands. He was a positive person who took the time to get to know everyone and was very passionate about his home; the Cayman Islands. Beyond his commitment to continuing the development and recognition of our local water sports industry, Capt. Chuckie played integral roles through the years in tourism and was dubbed a “go to person” by DOT to get to bottom of historical tourism facts.

Most recently, Capt. Chuckie contributed to the development of the ISDHF local honouree display at the Cayman Islands National Museum, giving generously of his time, materials, and enthusiasm to ensure that the project was successfully completed before of the start of high season in November 2016.

He was a stalwart in delivering Caymankind experiences for all those who interacted with him, in any capacity, and will be truly missed by all.


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