October 19, 2020

Cayman Islands public urged to recycle natural Christmas trees


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6316312_GThe Department of Environmental Health () reminds the public of its annual programme to collect natural Christmas trees for mulching.
Hundreds of donated trees are crushed and turned into mulch, which is in turn given to the public at no cost. The post-Christmas programme encourages recycling, and prevents the trees from being thrown into the George Town landfill, conserving much needed space.
This year is no exception; from Friday 1st January through Friday 22nd January, collection containers will be placed at various sites across Grand Cayman, including the Ed Bush Stadium in West Bay, the Smith Road Cricket Oval, Spotts Dock and at the entrance of Frank Sound Road.
On Saturday 23rd January at 9:00 a.m., DEH will mulch the trees at the Smith Road Cricket Oval, and showcase an exciting new Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 8.43.26 AMwood grinding machine that has been nicknamed “The Beast”. Residents and children are welcome to watch the mulching process before claiming their free mulch.
DEH staff asks interested persons to arrive on time in the morning and to bring their own bags and shovels.
“Recycling natural trees is great for our gardens, it saves us money and reduces our impact on the environment,” said DEH Assistant Director for Solid Waste, . For more information, contact the on 949-8793.


From Joan Wilson – RELATED


Well, Christmas is over and I’m still in the lounge
If anyone visits they would really think it strange,
I’m as dry as a tree can possibly get
In the corner of the room where I’ve been set.

But, you know, for two weeks I was pretty as could be,
My decor was beautiful for all to see,
Bright lights adorned me and I looked so pretty
Now the season is over and all I feel is pity.

Cause I really enjoyed the family coming around
A happier bunch of people could never be found
With piles of presents all around my base
It was really a pleasure to watch each one’s face.

As they eagerly unwrapped their Christmas presents
Of jewellery, clothes, perfumes and ornaments,
And the food, my goodness, what a scrumptious fare
As each family member tried to eat their share.

Loads of turkey, pork, beef and ham,
Plantain, potatoe salad, rice and beans, stuffing and yam,
And so much cake and Christmas pudding so sweet
All served with custard and brandy sauce what a treat.

Well, now it’s all over and the celebrations done
The annual family get together has really been fun
But alas, I must go where all dry Christmas trees go,
Recycled, together with other trees I know.

So merry mulch I am today, come and get your share.
Gather up a bag or two if you really care.
Your plants will thrive and your trees will love it too –
Better get there quickly or there’ll be no mulch for you.

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