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Cayman Islands Public Service Pensions Board logo survey seeks membership input

The Cayman Islands Public Service Pensions Board (PSPB) celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The entity, which has around 10,000 members – comprising of active members who are current public sector employees and pensioners – plans to mark this important milestone with a number of events throughout 2017.
As part of its yearlong celebrations, the PSPB launched an online survey yesterday Wednesday, 25 January. The survey aims to canvas membership about whether to retain the organisation’s current logo or replace it with a new design.
“While our current logo is instantly recognisable to our members and has served as an identifying symbol of the PSPB and all it stands for, during this auspicious year, we want to invite our members to decide whether or not they wanted to move forward with a new logo,” said the board’s Managing Director, Mrs. Jewel Evans Lindsey.
“We are looking forward to a good response from our membership and encourage everyone to fill in this quick and easy survey,” she added.
Survey participants will be presented with four options. Members can vote to retain the existing logo or to choose one of the three new designs created by the board with assistance from the graphics unit of Government Information Services.
The survey can be accessed on the Hub (government intranet) or via a SurveyMonkey link on the PSPB website at The survey closes on Friday, 3 February 2017 and membership feedback is sought by that date.
Established in 1992, the Cayman Islands Public Service Pensions Board is committed to the efficient delivery of Public Sector Pension Funds and Plans in accordance with the relevant Cayman legislation and international professional standards.
Clients are kept updated on the PSPB through its website, handbooks, annual reports, annual benefit statements, annual certificates, private meetings, presentations, circulars, newsletter and press statements.


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