October 25, 2021

Cayman Islands Premier’s statement on Cruise Berthing Project

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Statement to the LA on Cruise Berthing Project

By Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin, MBE, JP, MLA

5 June, 2019

Mr. Speaker, the deadline for the submission of the bids for the Cruise Berthing Project was 12 noon EST on Friday, 31 May, 2019. This is a historic milestone to have been reached in the procurement process of the Cruise Berthing Facility Project.  

 The evaluation groups have now been assigned their tasks to review, evaluate and score the bids received. This evaluation will be comprehensive and will involve the Major Projects Office, Port Authority of the Cayman Islands, the Ministry, and financial and technical consultants. 

 The next steps will include the preparation of an Evaluation Summary and Tender Assessment Report, which will be submitted to the Public Procurement Committee/Central Tenders Committee. 

 Once that Committee has considered and provided their recommendation, a presentation and paper will be sent to Cabinet.

It has been a very long haul over many years, over three administrations and millions of dollars spent on expert reports, advice and time to get to this point, but it is good for the Cayman Islands that we are here. At every point along the way we have advised the public where we are. I and the Hon. Deputy Premier have repeatedly reminded the public that Government needed to get to this final stage in the process in order to have final designs in hand, and having reached this point I look forward to publically unveiling the plans, including costs, as soon as the successful bidder has been identified.

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