September 17, 2021

Cayman Islands Premier’s remarks on Cayman Thanksgiving 2016

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happy-thanksgiving-images-freeCayman Thanksgiving 2016 remarks

By Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin

Once again we have been blessed with a hurricane season that did not trouble the Cayman Islands.

It is for that, and the other riches of our lives, that we celebrate Cayman Thanksgiving, a weekend-long national celebration to honour Cayman heritage, culture and our unique way of life.

I am pleased to be the Premier of the Government that in 2014 officially recognised the first Sunday in December as our annual Cayman Thanksgiving.

It all started in 2010 when a little child asked her parents why the Cayman Islands did not have a specific day to give thanks for our many blessings. Her parents took her question seriously and put in place the first steps toward what is becoming an annual tradition.

It is often said that Cayman is a country of riches, and we are. We are rich in tradition, love and care of fellow man, family, blessings, kindness and more.

While the true Cayman Thanksgiving is meant for a traditional Caymanian meal surrounded by friends and family on the first Sunday after the close of hurricane season, it has grown to include many activities.

For instance the Farmer’s Market at the Cricket Grounds will be even more vibrant on Saturday as people enjoy fresh produce and live entertainment. It is there that you will find most of what you need to prepare that unique Caymanian Thanksgiving meal, creating a true farm to table experience.

This weekend is all about Thanksgiving and what better way to do that than to give back. It’s the best way I can think of to demonstrate the Caymanian spirit of gratitude and caring for your neighbour.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in other community based activities under the theme Charity Begins at Home. You can do this by visiting the infirmed, cleaning up a beach, taking part in the Christmas tradition of painting graves; generally helping out your fellow man.

We are so blessed in our country and when we recognise those blessings we should be moved to share them. As the Bible says, to whom much is given, much is required.

We only have to look to our neighbours who suffered at the hands of Hurricane Matthew this year and realise that we are blessed that this Thanksgiving we are not celebrating with tins of corned beef. So we must share our blessings.

Because we have had another uneventful hurricane season many of us may have hurricane supplies and provisions that we are not going to use. I suggest you give them to a food pantry or a neighbour you know who is in need. You can always restock before next June.

As Christmas draws closer many retailers and organisations will conduct drives for canned and dried goods of foodstuffs for the less fortunate. What better way to make a difference?

And whether you worship the Good Lord on Saturday or Sunday, Cayman Thanksgiving is a time for congregations to share in our national celebration. Those leading services have an opportune time to affirm our faith and acknowledge the source of our blessings through celebrations of thanks and praise. Congregations can thank the Lord for our local farmers and fishermen who provide us with food.

While this is Cayman Thanksgiving, it is a wonderful time to teach people from other countries and cultures about our own traditions and heritage.

To learn more about Cayman Thanksgiving visit the website

On behalf of Government, my family and myself, I wish you a happy Cayman Thanksgiving.


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