May 11, 2021

Cayman Islands police to host community clinics

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IMG_5454RCIPS will host a series of community clinics throughout the Cayman Islands

The RCIPS will be hosting a number of community clinics at various locations within the Cayman Islands during the week of June 22-27th . These locations will include supermarkets, the Cayman Islands Hospital, district clinics etc.

Police Community Clinic is an element of community policing where open forum meetings are convened in highly traversed areas by residents. These clinics are informal meetings that aims to provide an avenue for informal talks between the residents and the police in addressing community concerns. These concerns are addressed through a Problem Oriented Policing and Partnership (POPP) approach, where the community, the police and other agencies work together to solve community problems.


Community Clinics are established to achieve the following aims;

· To provide an avenue through which the police and local residents can have informal dialogues about community concerns and develop a systematic problem solving approach using the problem Oriented Policing and Partnership (POPP) principles, thus; building safer communities.

· To identify community leaders that can partner with the police, the community and other agencies in providing oversight to ensure early identification and treatment of emerging community ailments to reduce community impact.

We have decided to take this route having seen the poor turnout at public meetings where the members of the public often times do not turn out. We decide to come to the community rather than ask the community to come to us, hence the reason we will be setting up at various locations that people frequents on a daily basis said Acting Superintendent Angelique Howell OIC District Operations.

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