May 28, 2023

Cayman Islands police reminds buyers and sellers of motor vehicles of obligations to timely transfer ownership

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RCIPS Reminds Buyers and Sellers of Motor Vehicles of Obligations to Timely Transfer Ownership

As of late, the RCIPS has seen instances where vehicles that have not been properly transferred after a change in ownership have been used in criminal activities. Prior owners should be aware that, in such cases, they can still be held legally responsible for the vehicle and liable for the damage that could occur during its unauthorized use.  Likewise, new owners who fail to re-register vehicles within 14 days of the sale of a vehicle are in breach of the law and liable to a fine of four hundred dollars or three months’ imprisonment, or both.

The RCIPS would like to inform the public that officers will be strictly enforcing Article 9 of the Traffic Law (2011 Revision) regarding the timely registration of vehicles going forward.  As such, the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit strongly encourages new buyers of vehicles to complete the transfer of ownership with the DVLS within the 14 days proscribed by law or face penalties.

Likewise, sellers of vehicles also have a duty to ensure that registration of their sold vehicle is properly transferred out of their name into that of the buyer; too often sellers sign the log book and turn the administrative process over to the buyer.  In such cases vehicle transfers may not be finalized, and vehicles used in a crime may be linked back to prior owners.

Article 9 of the Traffic Law (2011 Revision) is below and further information can be found at


Extract from Traffic Law (2011 Revision)

  1. (1) Where there is a change of ownership or alteration in the particulars of

a registered vehicle, the owner shall, within fourteen days of the change or

alteration –

(a) inform the Director, on the prescribed form, of the change or


(b) pay the prescribed fee; and

(c) submit to the Director the certificate of registration,

and the Director shall record in the register the change or alteration and issue a

new certificate of registration to the new owner of the vehicle.


(2)A registered owner of a vehicle referred to subsection (1) who fails to

inform the Director of a change of ownership or alteration in the prescribed

particulars of a registered vehicle commits an offence and is liable on summary

conviction to a fine of four hundred dollars or to imprisonment for a term of three

months, or to both.


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