August 11, 2020

Cayman Islands police officers effectively contain man making threats at Needs Assessment Unit in George Town


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img_5436web-300x243From RCIPS

On Wednesday, 2 November, around 10:45AM, staff at the Needs Assessment Unit in George Town reported that they had received violent threats by telephone from an unstable man whose assessment had been denied, and that the man had arrived on the premises. Based on his telephone threats, it was believed that the man could have a firearm.

In coordination with the two officers on duty at the location, two more officers attended the location while the man was waiting to be served. The officers then skillfully contained the man in a way that caused him no harm but prevented any use of a firearm should there have been one on his person. The man was subsequently searched and no firearm was found. A search of his vehicle, however, recovered a quantity of ganja as well as a utensil.

The man, age 34 of , was arrested on suspicion making threats to kill and drug-related offences.

He was taken into Police custody and is currently on .


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