September 22, 2021

Cayman Islands Police Officer Patrols yield charges for drug and theft offences after busy weekend of arrests

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On Tuesday, 14 March, a 44-year-old man of George Town was charged with Possession of Ganja with Intent to Supply and Possession and appeared in Court. The charges arose from an arrest by police on patrol Saturday night, 12 March, along Eastern Avenue in the vicinity of Avon Way. At around 9:45PM during those patrols, officers had stopped a man walking on the street, who smelled of ganja. A search of the man had recovered a substantial quantity of ganja, and he was arrested and taken into Police custody. Yesterday the Court remanded him to custody at HMP Northward and he will appear in Court on 16 March.

Officers on patrol in the early hours of Monday morning, 13 March, arrested another man on South Church Street in the vicinity of Boilers Road. Just before 3AM they had spotted a man carrying a bicycle wheel and a bag; they stopped, spoke with the man, and their suspicions were aroused to conduct a search, which uncovered a pair of bolt cutters. The man was arrested on suspicion of going equipped to steal; while in police custody he became aggressive and was also arrested for disorderly conduct. Yesterday he was charged with Going Equipped to Steal and Disorderly Conduct in a Police Station, and will appear in court today, 15 March.

Altogether officers made twenty-one arrests last weekend (10-13 March), including four for property crimes (burglary or theft), four for threatening offences (threats or assault), four for drug offences and one gambling arrest. In addition, there were six arrests for DUI on Friday night, 10 March.

“Weekends for police are quite busy with calls for service, nonetheless officers have been diligent about proactive patrols and traffic enforcement, with good results,” said Kurt Walton, Deputy Commissioner of Police.



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