August 19, 2022

Cayman Islands police engages security providers to strengthen public safety

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Walton- Security Mtg 20 July Graham - Security Mtg 20 JulyRCIPS Engages Security Providers to Strengthen Public Safety

Last Wednesday, 20 July, senior officers with the RCIPS met with representatives of private security firms in order to explore ways in which police could strengthen cooperation and mutually share information with the private security providers in order to strengthen public safety.

“We feel that there is a natural synergy between the police and the security sector that we can leverage for the public’s benefit,” said Anthony Ennis, Acting Commissioner of Police, “after all, we have the same objective: to safeguard people and property. It makes sense that if we work closer, we can do this better.”

“Across the islands there are approximately 600 guards working for private security firms,” said Superintendent Robert Graham, “which are 600 hundred more pairs of eyes and ears that may hear or see something that could help us prevent or solve a crime. We want to work together more closely.”

RCIPS senior management was encouraged by the fact that twenty-three representatives of different security firms attended the meeting, which was held in the packed Governor’s Square conference room. A host of issues were discussed at length, including the possibility of establishing self-regulation procedures and industry standards, the excessive number of false alarms police must attend to, communication channels between police and providers, and the need for standards and a code of ethics for the sector.

The RCIPS intends to continue building cooperation with security providers looks forward to sharing the benefits of this cooperation with the public.

Photos: C/Supt. Kurt and security providers following the meeting.

Supt. Graham speaks with security providers after the meeting.

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