May 28, 2023

Cayman Islands police correct social media perception of their disregard of disabled persons parking space

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Photograph on Social Media of Response to Panic Alarm at Rubis Gas Station

A photograph has been circulating on social media this morning purporting to display a police vehicle illegally parked in a disabled parking spot (attached).  Despite the fact that no verified information accompanied these posts, a lot of negative speculation toward officers has also circulated based on the assumption that they parked in this spot illegally and with disregard for disabled persons who may need to use it.

Despite little information accompanying the photograph, we have determined that this photograph was taken during the response of armed officers to a panic alarm at a Rubis gas station on Tuesday, 11 July around 8:15AM.  The panic alarm had been triggered accidentally, and there was no actual criminal incident taking place.  However in responding to the call armed officers used the closed available space in order to access the scene in as safe and quick a manner as possible.

In the photo attached it can be seen that the blue light signifying emergency response is flashing (circled).

We would also like to direct the media’s attention to Section 68(d) of the Traffic Law (2011), which exempts those (police officers and other emergency personnel) responding to emergency calls from traffic laws.

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