August 5, 2021

Cayman Islands Police Community Survey released

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RCIPSFollowing the Community Survey conducted at the end of 2014, the RCIPS have now released the outcomes on their website:

The survey sought community views about: Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) priorities, conduct and performance, as well as neighborhood policing issues.

A questionnaire was designed and made available for online completion over a five week period that ended on 1 November 2014. The survey was extensively advertised through the media and on the streets and a total of 748 residents responded.

8786096Explaining that survey responses are guiding the preparation of the RCIPS Strategic Plan 2015/17 but also having a more immediate effect, Commissioner of Police David Baines stated: ‘The information we have received from the public is helping us to shape our strategic priorities and objectives for the coming years. At the same time our initial analysis is already directing allocation of resources. It is also focusing attention on the need for improvement in areas such as: burglary reduction, community engagement and keeping victims of crime better informed of progress on the investigation of their cases.’

“We’ve held meetings this year across all districts as part of our commitment to engage the community directly and hear their concerns. We have also implemented processes such as commanders contacting victims of crime for feedback, and will continue to look for areas where we can do better,” added Chief Superintendent Kurt Walton, who is responsible for Police operations.

Chief Superintendent Walton noted that the RCIPS has had a dedicated team of officers whose primary focus is on burglary prevention and detection, which has been very successful thus far. He went on to say that the police are also working in collaboration with other partner agencies to implement an integrated offender management system as a means of reducing crime.

Further key focus areas coming out of the survey are as follows;

 As well as the steps mentioned above to improve community engagement, the RCIPS is looking to bring in professional communications support. Plans are also underway to refresh the current RCIPS website to improve the quality of channels available for community interaction.

 The sections of the survey on behaviour and many of the comments made in the final questions indicated that the RCIPS needs to improve the customer skills of our frontline staff. Budget has been identified in the service’s 2015/2016 training allocation to provide appropriate training to key staff
 Foot patrols of front line police officers will be increased. Chief Superintendent Walton stated, “Officers are on foot patrols in certain areas which were previously targeted by burglars to provide heightened visibility and to safeguard our community”.
 The survey indicated strong support for more vigorous enforcement of the traffic law and improving road safety. Budget has been provided in 2015/2016 for the acquisition of speed detection radars
 Results from the survey calling for better lit streets have been passed on to colleagues in the Public Works Department to see if improvements can be made to street lighting.
Officials say the survey delivered a strong message that more investment should be made in crime prevention. As part of the website refresh, a new crime prevention video will be added. The RCIPS will also host more community meetings that include sessions on crime prevention good practice

Commenting on the survey outcomes the Chief Superintendent remarked: ‘We undertook the survey knowing that there would be criticism of the RCIPS, but we are determined to improve the quality of our services and the performance and professionalism of our officers. I am therefore committed to take on the messages from the community and work with staff at every level of the organization to make us more effective and to see a resultant reduction in crime across the islands’

Further surveys are planned for later in 2015 of the business community, and in 2016, a second survey of residents will help to gauge performance progress and community satisfaction with the services that the RCIPS provides

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