November 29, 2021

Cayman Islands police air operations unit carries out two medical evacuations in 48 hours from Little Cayman, 29 November

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Just before 3:30AM, last Thursday, 29 November, the Air Operations Unit received an urgent call for the transfer of a woman from Little Cayman to Grand Cayman, after the woman received a head injury following a motorcycle collision.

The rider of the motorcycle was on her way home at about 2:30AM this morning when she fell and was taken to the hospital by a private vehicle. Police were informed of the incident by the Little Cayman Health Centre where she was being treated.

Medical staff and some medical equipment were taken on board the helicopter to assist with the transfer. The helicopter left Grand Cayman around 4:45AM and returned from Little Cayman with the injured woman around 6:15AM to the Cricket Pitch on Huldah Avenue.  The patient was immediately handed over to the EMS personnel awaiting their arrival, and taken directly to the hospital for further medical treatment.

This was the second medevac from Little Cayman within 48 hours, as the Air Operations Unit also transferred another woman around 5:45PM Tuesday, 27 November, who had been diving and appeared to have decompression issues.  The AOU arrived back in Grand Cayman around 6:40PM and handed the patient over to medical personnel who were also awaiting their arrival.

“Medevacs from Little Cayman are rare, but two within the space of two days is unprecedented,” said A/Supt. Brad Ebanks, Head of Specialist Operations, “we hope that this continues to be a rare occurrence but are really pleased at the same time that the AOU was able to efficiently render critical assistance in these life threatening situations.”

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