May 28, 2023

Cayman Islands police addresses trailer safety through education and enforcement

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Small TrailerBy Jacqueline Carpenter From RCIPS

RCIPS Traffic Management Unit Addresses Trailer Safety through Education and Enforcement

The RCIPS Traffic Management Unit (TMU) has renewed its attention to the safety and roadworthiness of trailers, in response to public complaints about the manner they are being driven on the road, as well as a few recent dangerous accidents.

As part of these renewed efforts the TMU would like to advise the public of the requirements under the Traffic Law that all trailers are registered, inspected and licensed in their own right, separate from the registration, inspection and licensing requirements of the vehicle that is towing them. Per Part 1, Section 2 of the Traffic Law (2011), trailers are considered “vehicles” and are therefore subject to inspection, registration and licensing requirements just as cars, trucks and motorcycles are.

The TMU understands, however, that residents may not be familiar with these requirements, which have not been enforced consistently in the past.

“For this reason,” said Inspector Adrian Barnett, “we have taken the approach of educating the public first about these obligations. We have had a number of traffic operations in the last couple of weeks during which we have not issued tickets, but have been just talking to motorists instead and informing them about the law, especially those towing trailers.

Very few, if any, of those we have stopped have registered or licensed their trailers. Very soon we will be enforcing the law and issuing tickets, but so far we have wanted to give the drivers a chance to bring their vehicles into compliance.”

Some of those expected to be affected include small construction or gardening businesses which often tow various types of equipment, or may have large loads on the back of their trucks.

Per the Traffic Law, the fine for operating a trailer, or any vehicle, without licensing, registration or inspection is $300 or 6 months in jail.



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