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Cayman Islands: Pete Ribbins Memorial Consolidation Water Meet

The Pete Ribbins Consolidated Water Meet, hosted by the Stingray Swim Club (SSC) of Grand Cayman at the Lions Aquatic Centre (LAC) was a  2019 CARIFTA Swimming qualifying meet for members of the National Junior Swim Team. In addition to Stingray swimmers, Camana Bay Aquatic Club (CBAC), Seven Mile Swimmers (SMS) and Cayman Islands Special Olympics (SOCI) swimmers all took part.

Taking place over three days, January 18 – 20th, the meet had one night session, and two day sessions.

Consolidated Water’s General Manager Mr. Manuel Thomaz said this about the meet, “Consolidated Water’s support of the Pete Ribbins Memorial Swim Meet is a testament to Pete’s passion for, and commitment to sport as well as his belief that organised sports – and particularly swimming – play such an important role in the development of young people.”

Stingray’s Head Coach David Pursley had this to say about the swimming: “Consolidated Water’s Pete Ribbins Memorial meet was the first full list of events in the new year but one of our last meets on the schedule to help prepare for CARIFTA and international travel. Pete Ribbins is an important opportunity to help sharpen racing skills heading into CIASA nationals and one of the last opportunities to qualify for the CARIFTA team.”

Meet Director Samantha  Fletcher-Watts extended her thanks to the many volunteers who made the meet possible, “Each session requires over 30 volunteers to officiate, time and run concesssions – we could not produce these meets, allowing our swimmers to gain experience and swim official times without our volunteers. We are extremely thankful to all of them for coming out and working, and we thank the parents who came out to cheer on the swimmers too.”

High Points Awards were won by – Girls: 6&Under Holly Clark Terrel, SSC; 7-8 Casey Coles, SSC; 9-10 Sierrah Broadbelt, SMS; 11-12 Jillian Crooks, CBAC; 13-14 Kyra Rabess, SSC and 15&Over, Alison Jackson, SSC. Boys: 7-8 Chase Watson, SSC; 9-10 Phin Ellison, CBAC; 11-12 Will Sellars, SMS; 13-14 Stefano Bonati, CBAC  and 15&Over Jordan Crooks, CBAC. The team award went to Stingray Swim Club with 907 points, second was Camana Bay Aquatic Club with 759 points and third was Seven Mile Swimmers with 320.

“The Pete Ribbins Memorial Consolidated Water Meet was a resounding success by all accounts,” said SSC President Marlene West. “Thank you to all officials, timers, meet manager and everyone else that continues to volunteer their time to ensure meets like these can happen, as, regardless of where the meet is hosted, the benefit is for each and every swimmer that partakes regardless of which club they are  from. Lastly, a special thank you to our continued sponsor, Consolidated Water who have continued their sponsorship of this swim meet in Pete Ribbins’ name. Pete was an athlete and he knew first hand how much discipline and commitment it takes to succede in sports – he would be very proud to see so many children taking part in this meet.”

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