July 29, 2021

Cayman Islands opposition leaders issue statement on arrest of Speaker of the House

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From Five Opposition Members of Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly

“Like many Caymanians, and concerned residents, we are saddened to hear of the arrest of the Hon. Speaker and the International embarrassment this has caused the Cayman Islands.

“We therefore call on the government of national unity to take the necessary action to restore dignity, honour and prestige to the position of the speaker. We, the members of the opposition, understand that it is also our duty to protect and uphold the dignity of, and respect for, our high offices and we therefore feel compelled to recommend this course of action to the government.”

On Thursday, ahead of the collective release, opposition leader Ezzard Miller said that he believes Bush should resign because, regardless of his innocence or guilt, it as an embarrassment. He also told Cayman 27 that he hoped Bush would do the honourable thing and step down. He explained that the government has the power to remove him but that it would be better all round if he simply resigned.

Ezzard Miller
Alva Suckoo
Arden McLean
Chris Saunders
Anthony Eden


IMAGE: Ezzard Miller Leader of Opposition

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