September 17, 2021

Cayman Islands New Science Education Strategy 2018-2023

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From Cayman Islands Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture and Lands

The Ministry of Education, in consultation with all the relevant stakeholders, has developed a new National Science Education Strategy that will be implemented over the next five years, 2018-2023, and will bring science to the forefront for all schools.

The strategy’s National Objective is to develop a passion for science in all schools by raising the level of scientific curiosity, skills knowledge, and confidence of all students.

This objective will be met using the following 3 over-arching goals:
1) Ensure all students have access to high-quality science that includes scientific inquiry based skills as well as subject knowledge;
2) Enhance the quality of science-related teaching and learning through innovative school leadership and teaching capacity
3) Improve the skills, engagement, and participation of students by developing science-
related opportunities, through partnerships with tertiary institutions, businesses,
industries, and charities that inspire students to connect with scientific careers.

The phrase “Inquire, Innovate, and Inspire” will be used to familiarise stakeholders with the three goals. This campaign launch encourages everyone to develop scientific skills in their daily lives and to engender a passion for science.

“Science is a fundamental subject for all. With science being a core subject along with English and mathematics, it has an important bearing on our everyday lives,” Hon. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, Minister for Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture, and Lands (EYSAL). “Science plays a key role in the development of inquiry, collaboration, reasoning, and critical thinking skills – things that are important in all the subject areas I am responsible for.”

All students, parents/guardians and the general public are encouraged to read about strategy, learn about the key performance indicators and incorporate the spirit of this campaign- “Inquire, Innovate, and Inspire”- not only in their school lives but in their homes and businesses as well.

“The Cayman Islands poses unique scientific challenges that can be more effectively resolved with an understanding of the Caymanian context,” Cetonya Cacho, Acting Chief Officer for EYSAL. “It is important that the country unite to cultivate a scientific mindset and increase the pathways available for students wishing to pursue a scientific field of study, in order to ensure the country’s advancement and sustainability.”

Stephen Ta’Bois, STEM Specialist with the Ministry of Education shares that, “The strategy is easily accessible for all, and everyone is encouraged to read it and incorporate the applicable parts into their everyday lives.”

Several activities and events are being organised to inspire the country to be more science-focused, including a Pop-Up Science Event from 1-3 November and fun National scientific challenges on the Ministry of Education’s social media channels, or Instagram handle cig_meysal.

Information on the strategy will be available on the Ministry of Education’s website

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