February 19, 2020

Cayman Islands National Heroes Day 2018 insignia


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Each “Early Pioneer”, “Pioneer” and “” at 2018 will be awarded a unique commemorative insignia, specially designed to honour their outstanding contributions to in the .

Crafted from metal and enamel, it is an emblem of honour intended to be pinned on clothing and worn at special occasions.

The 2018 insignia incorporates significant features to represent sports in the Cayman Islands.

Integral to the design is the flaming torch, a symbol universally associated with the Olympic Games and with sports in general. Its origins date back to ancient Greece, home of the Olympics, where a fire was kept burning throughout the games.

Also incorporated in the design is a wreath, which was an ancient prize for the winners of sporting competitions. Victors were crowned with a leaf often fashioned from olive branches.

In addition, the insignia features a ribbon to represent the finishing line at a sports competition.  To ensure cultural context, there also is a thatched rope twisted around the edges. This represents the national tree, the silver thatch palm, and symbolises the importance of rope-making to the economy of the Cayman Islands in yesteryear.

Most importantly, at the centre of the design, is the Cayman Islands crest, guaranteeing that the insignia will be recognised instantly as a national honour.

National Heroes Day is being held on Monday, 22 January in Heroes Square, George Town, at 9 a.m. The awards ceremony will be followed by a sports exhibition in George Town Town Hall and there will also be local food and live entertainment. All are invited.

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