March 22, 2023

Cayman Islands National Gallery receives gifted artwork from the 1990s

Cassandra Greene and Natalie UrquhartArtwork by highly recognizable local painter, John Broad, has been donated to the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands’ (NGCI) Permanent Collection. The acrylic on canvas titled Over the Bridge was kindly gifted by Cassandra Greene, a long-time supporter of NGCI, and will join the NGCI’s growing collection of over 125 works of art.

The painting is an early work by local artist John Broad and was part of the National Gallery’s exhibition Fortissimo which opened to the public 6 May 1998. Ms Green says, “I feel it is a unique donation to the National Gallery’s Permanent Collection as the work was part of an exhibition when the National Gallery was in its formative years at the Alexander Place location. I’m thrilled that painting will join the National Collection and be appreciated by generations to come.”

The work depicts two figures who are crossing a bridge. The figure leading the way has a torch in hand. Mr Broad comments, “The work is part of a series I did at a time when I was still a single parent. They engendered feelings of loss, but at the same time hope for the future, for myself and my family.”

The National Gallery’s Art Fund

The work comes to NGCI at a significant time as the National Gallery launches an art fund, with the support of Susan A. Olde, OBE, to fund major acquisitions of works by artists from the Cayman Islands. To date, several key works have been secured, including Kitchen Window I–IV, a series of rare painted window panels, circa 1980, by Gladwyn K. (‘Miss Lassie’) Bush, and White Plaits, Blue Braids, 2015, by Kaitlyn Elphinstone.

NGCI Director, Natalie Urquhart explains, “These successes were made possible with help from people who share our belief in the importance of securing and commissioning great artworks of national significance and in keeping them publicly accessible. We need help from the public to ensure that the collection continues to grow and inspire visitors long into the future.”

Artworks for consideration for the NGCI Permanent Collection are identified by the NGCI Collections Committee based on their historical significance, strength of execution and authorship. Anyone can donate to the fund, with amounts based on personal circumstances. In addition to helping the National Gallery secure artwork, funds contribute to collections-based public education programmes, artwork conservation and related research projects. “Bequests to the National Gallery, of whatever size, help to strengthen and conserve the collection long-term. These gifts stand as a lasting tribute to the generosity and vision of NGCI’s benefactors.” adds Ms Urquhart.

For further information on donations and support, contact the NGCI Collections Committee:
Tel: (345) 945 8111
Email: [email protected]

Image Caption: Ms Cassandra Greene gifts painting by artist John Broad to National Gallery Director Natalie Urquhart.

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