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Cayman Islands National Community Enhancement Project to incentivise workers

GRAND CAYMAN (GIS) – Approximately 460 unemployed Caymanians and out-of-work spouses of Caymanians, down from 606 last December, registered for up to two weeks paid work on the Government’s National Enhancement Summer Project (NiCE).

The project’s Manager, Levi Allen of the Public Works Department, explained that as well as providing much-needed enhancement of the nation’s physical environment, the clean-up programme will now, give workers a training and participation certificate as a valuable addition to the resumes of permanent job seekers. Mr. Allen announced other incentives. Workers who satisfactory complete the project will get graded references highlighting their level of performance following input from their foremen.
Officials are also considering how some of those signed up for the NICE project can be engaged to assist in culling invasive iguanas in due course.

Led by the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure with support from the Ministry of Health, Environment, Culture and Housing, the initiative is being co-ordinated by Public Works Department, the National Roads Authority and the Department of Environmental Health.

“The project’s new elements have been included to provide the unemployed with the chance to learn new skills and demonstrate their ability and willingness to work efficiently as part of a team,” said the Minister for Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, Hon. Joseph Hew.

“NiCE workers will now be able to use their time with the project to show prospective employers that they are reliable, conscientious and have the appropriate work ethic,” he added. “It is hoped that most of the persons working the project will eventually transition into further or full-time employment.

The NiCE project is not intended to be a “fix-all” for the unemployed, it provides assistance to those between jobs and for others who, for whatever reasons, are unable to maintain full-time employment, while at the same time providing services to the community.”

Minister for the Environment, Hon. Dwayne Seymour said: “The Government’s decision to run an extra NiCE project this year is in direct response to those households who are in need of extra funds to buy back-to-school items for the academic year ahead and other essentials. It will also serve to prepare us ahead of the forecasted busy tourism season.”


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