November 29, 2023

Cayman Islands Ministry of Tourism urges public to disregard Cruise Berthing rumours – no deal with anyone

Hon Moses Kirkconnell

George Town, Cayman Islands (8 May, 2019) Rumours circulating on various radio talk shows that the Cayman Islands Government has prematurely entered into an agreement with a contractor to build the cruise berthing facility are completely untrue and the public is urged to pay no attention to such claims.

The rumours, which amount to nothing more than deliberate gossip and untruths, are being circulated as part of an ongoing campaign to spread misinformation regarding the cruise berthing project and to cause confusion in the minds of the public.

Referring to the rumours, Hon Moses Kirkconnell stated. “As Minister of Tourism, with the responsibility for overseeing the development of the cruise berthing and enhanced cargo port facility project, I can confirm that neither the Major Project Office nor the Cayman Islands Government have entered into any deal with any company bidding to design, build, finance and maintain the piers.”

In November 2018 the three bidders on the project were invited by government to prepare and submit their final tenders to design, build, finance and maintain the project. The cruise berthing project is therefore in the final stages of procurement and only once all of the bids have been received and evaluated will the successful bidder be selected and announced.

“I addressed similar rumours in August of last year and they were as false then as they are now. It is unfortunate that I have to address them again in response to persons whose agenda seems intent on derailing this project by any means possible,” said the Minister.

“As every significant milestone in the process has been achieved, the public has been kept informed either by my Ministry or the Honourable Premier. We will continue to provide updates on the project’s progress and urge the public to disregard information on the cruise berthing project that does not originate from official government channels.”

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