February 19, 2020

Cayman Islands: Mental health for men and for business


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From Inspired Lifestyles with Donna

Mental is center stage in the medical and  HR worlds for 2019. 
For good reason.
Depression, anxiety, hopelessness and suicide are an everyday reality for many people.
Evidence indicates 80-87% of physical, mental and emotional health problems are in response to thoughts.

You most likely know this:                              
People who say their jobs are “stressing them” list these as leading causes:

  • heavy workloads
  • too few breaks
  • too many hours
  • co-workers
  • poor communication
  • job insecurity

Research shows, however, that it is workers’ perceptions of workplace matters, and their emotional responses to those perceptions, that are raising stress levels.

What’s Going On in The Minds of the People In Your Office? 

Women are more likely to talk about what is going on while men are not.  This may be putting men at higher risk for depression, anxiety and related physical diseases like heart-attack. 

Is a Mental and Emotional Spring Clean Timely?

Spring Program:  “Mindfulness 101” 

A “How To” for Employees, Managers, Everyone.  How To:
· Recognize Dysfunctional Perceptions and Create the Shift 
· Take Control of Thoughts and Improve Attitude
· Create New Neural Pathways that Foster Positivity
· Use Mindfulness and Self-Awareness for Performance Improvement
· Become Emotionally Healthier with the EFT Technique

“Mindfulness 101” – Natural Psychotherapy for the Everyday Person!
 Skills for Coping with Work/Life Challenges, Mental and Emotional Health and Workplace Productive 

Download a PDF of Mindfulness 101
 I would be delighted to discuss your business-related training needs,  (small and large businesses) or personal concerns you find difficult to share with others.
 Please call to talk about how my training and programs can benefit you.
Donna   929-7512
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