March 30, 2020

Cayman Islands’ Meals on Wheels Dress Down Day


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September 4, 2017 – Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – Once a year Meals on Wheels asks civic minded organizations and individuals to join in the effort to end senior hunger in the Cayman Islands by participating in an island wide . This very important fundraising event will happen on Friday, 29th September.

Meals on Wheels provides approximately 4,000 meals monthly to the elderly and infirm in all five districts in the Cayman Islands. Hot meals are delivered with warm smiles by a dedicated group of volunteers who inspire and encourage wellbeing and prevent isolation which can lead to depression among other illnesses.

Presently, there are 4 kitchens which supply meals to seniors in , , Bodden Town and George Town. The George Town kitchen provides a limited number of meals in as well. A building has been identified by the Cayman Islands Government as a location to operate a kitchen from in . It is Meals on Wheels hope to have this kitchen in up and running before the end of the year.

Meals on Wheels have identified over 150 seniors and infirmed persons in the various districts who are waiting for assistance. Meals on Wheels unfortunately, is not in a financial position to begin feeding them now and the organization is hard at work seeking additional funding. “This Dress Down Day will go a long way in feeding Cayman’s seniors said Beulah McField Board Member and founder of Meals on Wheels Cayman Islands. Ms. McField went on to say, “it only takes $5 to feed one senior per day. We presently serve 40,000 meals per year with the assistance of our volunteers and the support of public and private funding. We hope to see the whole island dressed in orange to demonstrate their participation in the Meals on Wheels Dress Down Day!”

Individuals and organizations alike can assist by coordinating a Dress Down Day at their place of business or organization and coordinate a donation or purchase Meals on Wheels Ribbons ($5) a Wristbands ($3) or ‘Seniors Rock’ T-Shirts ($15). The T-Shirts were generously sponsored by Bank of Butterfield this year. For more information or to request an order form calling 949-3905 or email [email protected] For photos of the merchandise visit the Meals on Wheels Facebook and Instagram pages!

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  1. Chris Johnson says

    With all due respect Meals on Wheels was foundered by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman and in particularly by Larry Chomyn , a past president of the club. Mrs McField was only invited to join the board of directors in 2006 many years after the club commenced this project. All the people who delivered these meals when the concept was started were Rotarians and friends of Rotary. To this day Past President Derek Haines MBE, Richard Coles QC, and Timmy Adam continue to serve the community in this way.
    It is important that history is put into perspective on matters of community service. Rotary does not seek kudos in what they do but they like history to be recorded as it took place without any figments of imagination.

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