February 24, 2020

Cayman Islands Map Shooter Shot Glass


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41JbhQkcciLWorld by Shotglass have a beautifully designed Shooter Shot Glass in their collection of rare shot glasses that shows the Cayman Islands.

Technical Details

Brand: World By Shotglass
Product or Part Number:

Product Weight: 4 ounces
Rank in Category: 257,979

Technical Details
Tall shooter style shot glass
Measures 4″ tall and 1.5″ in diameter
Souvenir from Cayman Islands

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Whilst I have not seen the Cayman Islands shooter shot glass in stores locally (it doesn’t mean they are not available locally) I have seen them available from Internet suppliers like Amazon.com and Buy.com.

Amazon is currently selling the glass at a discounted price of US$8.99 excluding shipping.

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