November 30, 2021

Cayman Islands invites green iguana contractor registration

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The Department of Environment is inviting eligible Caymanians and businesses to register as contractors for this year’s green iguana cull. Registration will begin Wednesday 19th April, at the Department of Environment, North Sound Road, and will be open that day between 10am and 7pm. Additional registration days will follow as necessary.
Contracts are open to adults who are Caymanian, permanent residents with the right to work, or persons with Trade and Business Licenses appropriate for this activity. Contractors will be paid $2 per iguana in payments twice per month.
Before signing any contract the Department will need to see proof of eligibility (e.g. Caymanian passport or passport stamp, voter registration card, or T&BL), and will need to make a copy of a photo ID with local address, such as a current drivers licence.
These contracts are for participants who want to cull iguanas on a significant scale (i.e. more than 100 iguanas per month) during the May-August culling period.
Anyone interested in culling green iguanas on a smaller scale will be able to participate in the Green Iguana Raffle, where raffle tickets for a twice-monthly cash prize will be issued for every ten iguanas culled. Contractors cannot participate in the raffle. Raffle registration (by email) will begin on 26th April.
Contracts and raffle terms will place strict obligations on participants to respect property rights, cull the iguanas humanely, and dispose of carcasses properly. Reporting of culled iguanas for payment purposes must be done by marking the carcasses, photographing them and sending the photos to the cull manager.
For more information please contact:
Fred Burton — [email protected]
Timothy Austin — [email protected]
IMAGE: Juvenile green iguana Grand Cayman  Wikipedia
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