January 27, 2022

Cayman Islands: Inspired Lifestyles with Donna

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Programs, Services and Cold & Flu Tip

“It’s that time of year.  Seasonal changes in weather have brought high winds, waves and an overcast sky.  People enter work wet from rain, and children in schools sneeze.  The cold/flu season is upon us.  In a recent At-Work Wellness Program, people shared they had been unaware that physical exercise improves the immune system.  The immune system is your body’s line of defense against disease.   Along with exercise, eating well, nutritional supplementation and adequate rest are key enhancers of the immune system.  This month’s recommended product for the cold/flu season is – Emergen-C.

This tasty Vitamin C product is available in local supermarkets and pharmacies in a varity of flavours.  Please check with your Doctor to ensure it is right for you.

Be Proactive.  Be Well!

Now, please take a few minutes to view my latest selection of programs and services.  Achieve health and success on all levels: physical, emotional, financial, mental, spiritual and relational.    Donna

Corporate Training Programs & Retreats
Bringing good things to your workplace!  Please pass this information along to your company HR Department or “The Boss”!

Effective, fun, inspirational, valuable!

Water Works Wonders
Aqua fitness with The Burdenko Method.
A full-body workout without impact.  Condition and tone, build core strength. Increase 6 essential qualities: balance, co-ordination, flexibility, endurance, strength and speed
Success Coaching
  Get ready to transform yourself for success!  Personal  and professional achievement in any area of your life.  Timeless practices and principles to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Gain confidence,  tackle daily challenges, discover your life purpose, step into action, increase financial income and more….

Fresh Start
Transformational  Weight Loss!
Everything you need to get organized and begin the journey down the scale.  Real food, achievable steps. Solutions and support for every weight and lifestyle-related challenge.

Private and Couples Family Programs
At-Work Wellness
Small Group Sessions
and also available to you On-Line

is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Be Aware!
Thank you Breast Cancer Foundation for the opportunity to make a presentation on September 27th.  Donna

Find Out More at:  http://www.breastcancerfoundation.ky/

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