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Cayman Islands HSA suspends all security officers

By Georgina Wilcox

The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (has) has placed all security officers working for them under “required leave” that means suspension will pay.

A notice, we have seen, was sent to the security officers this week. It says:


“In order to facilitate an investigation into irregularities in the security section, it has been decided that it would be in the best interest of the Health Services Authority to place you on required leave effective immediately. You will remain in that status for 30 days or until the investigation is completed. During this period the matter will be investigated and the outcome communicated to you once the conclusions have been reported.

While in this status the following conditions apply:

a) Although you will not be scheduled to work, you are expected to be readily available if we need to contact you.

b) During your required leave, please do not contact any co-workers or any other employee (or patients) of the Health Services Authority pertaining to this matter.

c) During your required leave, you are restricted from entering the premises of the has except if seeking medical care.

d) During your required leave, you are restricted from accessing any HSA computer systems.

e) You will continue to receive your full pay deposited to your account on each scheduled pay period.

The above action is being taken in accordance with the Health Services Authority HR Policy Manual P144 “Discretionary Leave” Section (2) which states:
“The Delegated Officer (with the approval of the Chief Executive Officer if the period of leave is to be more than 30 days) may require an employee to go in Required Leave where the Delegated Officer deems it to ge in the public interest for the employee to do so, and that leave shall be leave on full pay for such period as the delegated Officer deems necessary.”


Upon contacting the HSA no one would comment on the matter.

We have been informed all hospital security operations are currently being executed by a private contractor.



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