February 1, 2023

Cayman Islands Home Gas showcases latest products at BAH

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Home Gas promoted its latest products and services at a Business After Hours event at the Cayman Spirits Company last week. The Home Gas team unveiled their latest tankless water heaters and propane appliances which will help consumers to save on their monthly power bills and provides residential and business consumers with an affordable, sustainable and efficient energy source.

Chamber President Christopher Kirkconnell congratulated the company and the Bodden family for their contributions to Cayman’s commercial development.

“Home Gas Limited has been an essential service-provider in the Cayman Islands since 1957. To put that into perspective: They were established the year before we had a national Coat of Arms; this business was serving residents before most had electricity; and there was no piped water at that time either,” he shared with Chamber members and their guests.

“I say this not just to offer a history lesson, but to illustrate the fact that Home Gas has helped us bridge the gap between the traditional cooking caboose, and the modern home. As quaint as those old cook-rooms were, I’m sure few housewives would satisfy with those conditions today. This company remains what anyone could consider the epitome of a small family business – one which knows its customers and is willing and able to engage and meet their emerging needs. Moreover, the company has enhanced the community and the country in so many ways,” he said.



#43 (Left) Home Gas General Manager John Corallo and Sales and Account Manager Chris Turrell.

#627 Home Gas General Manager John Corallo with raffle winner Melanie Rivers.

# 45 Chamber of commerce President Christopher Kirkconnell with guest Courtney Xatruch.

#32 Guests enjoyed the Home Gas Business After Hours event.

Lennon Christian, Communications Coordinator
[email protected]

About the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce: The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce represents more than 650 businesses and associations across all industry sectors in the Cayman Islands. Its members employee over 18,000 persons or about 45% of the country’s labour force. The Chamber supports, promotes and protects the interests of its members and the public welfare and serves as a catalyst for positive change connecting community, business and government.

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