May 17, 2021

Cayman Islands Heroes Day 2019 will Celebrate Coat of Arms Brokers

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GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands – Vestrymen and Justices of the Peace who were instrumental in getting into place the Coat of Arms for the Cayman Islands will be honoured at the 2019 Heroes Day celebrations.

The Cayman Islands is in the midst of Celebrate Cayman, which recognises the 14 May 1958 conferral 60 years ago of the Cayman Islands’ Coat of Arms by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Cabinet has approved that the theme for the 2019 Heroes Day celebrations, “Celebrating the Creation of our Coat of Arms”, replace the previous theme, “Pioneers in Maritime Heritage”. Those Maritime pioneers will be recognised in the 2021 Heroes Day ceremony.

Our Coat of Arms is the Cayman Islands’ first internationally recognised symbol of identity and its rich imagery tells the story of who we are, our history, our culture, our earliest industries, our constitutional relationship and our faith.

“The grant of the Coat of Arms represents the seminal moment that started the chain of events that placed the Cayman Islands on the path to modernity,” said Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin. 

To mark the occasion, there has been a year‐long calendar filled with activities that are focused on engaging, educating, and inspiring youth; celebrating our diversity and encouraging connection; establishing a spirit of cultural community; and discovering the Cayman Islands’ colourful history, and engendering national pride.

“The National Heroes Day is a highlight of our cultural calendar each year. The Ministry looks forward to working with the Protocol Office to ensure the 2019 event comes together adeptly and that the pioneers who saw the Coat of Arms instated, are duly recognised,” said Minister for Culture Hon. Dwayne Seymour.

Key milestones followed the grant of the Coat of Arms, including the First Constitution on 4 July 1959, and the choice to remain part of the United Kingdom following Jamaica’s decision to become independent in 1962. These milestones were fundamental to the development of the Cayman Islands that we know and love today and were built on the foundation of the Coat of Arms, our symbol of national identity.

The granting of the Constitution will be the theme of the 2020 National Heroes Day.

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