September 24, 2022

Cayman Islands: Gov’t’s first electric car to deliver mails

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The Cayman Islands Postal Service will be starting to use a Nissan NV-200e, the government’s first electric car, to deliver packages to George Town offices in 2016, reported Cayman Compass. This serves as a pilot test for electric vehicles in the island nation.

The van, which offers 148 cubic feet of cargo space, will deliver packages from the airport branch of the post office to offices in the George Town and Seven Mile Beach areas.

Concerns about its efficiency, costs, and available infrastructure for electric cars have been raised by the Department of Vehicle and Equipment Services.

The electric car was purchased for $37,000, costs five cents per mile to operate, and runs at a maximum of 76 miles per hour.

There are eight recharging stations in the island, according to John Felder, owner of Cayman Automotive, the company that supplied the car and provided a charger as part of the purchase deal.

Fourteen more charging stations are planned to be built across Grand Cayman early next year by Cayman Automotive’s partner Saskatchewan’s Sun Country Highway.

Depending on the outcome of the pilot test, more electric vehicles or hybrid cars, which combine petrol and electric power, are expected to be imported for both private and official use.

IMAGE: By Roberto (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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