August 15, 2020

Cayman Islands Governor’s Statement on the Court’s Ruling on Same Sex Marriage


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His Excellency The Governor, Martyn Roper OBE has issued the following statement on the ruling given by the Court on Friday in relation to same sex marriage:

“I recognise there are strongly held and differing views across the Islands on the legal ruling on same sex marriage. Yet it is important that all our citizens can play an equal and active part in society free from discrimination as set out in our constitution. This judgement provides equal rights for everyone, a point which I and former Governors have previously emphasised. At this time I believe it is important that all of us continue to show tolerance and respect to others, particularly when we hold different views.  I also believe that our highly respected, and independent, judicial system in the Cayman Islands continues to underpin our success. It protects our prosperity, constitution, good governance and our security.”

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