February 24, 2020

Cayman Islands George Town Revitalization Project presented to industry experts


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  • George Town Revitalization Project gets audience at Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors’ Conference.
  •  Project seeks to engage community members and stakeholders through early involvement, research and consultation.

GRAND CAYMAN (GIS) – The team behind the George Town Revitalization Project recently presented “George Town, a Fresh Look” to delegates gathered at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, for the fourth biennial Cayman Islands Property and Construction Conference. 

Hosted by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, the audience comprised over 200 professionals from bankers to architects and developers.

Led by the Minister for Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, Hon. Joey Hew, the panel consisted of Tristan Hydes, Deputy Chief Officer at the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure; Colin Lumsden, George Town Manager and Revitalisation Initiative Coordinator; Charles Brown, Senior Policy Officer and Marion Pandohie, Transportation Planner.

In the session, they shared details of the project, from a history of George Town to the strategy moving forward.

The George Town Revitalization Initiative is a holistic approach towards resurrecting the city. This approach involves listening, gathering information, research and studies, and ultimately producing viable solutions and recommendations that would then be implemented in the form of policies, systems, and physical representations in the built environment of George Town.

Revitalization Initiative Coordinator Colin Lumsden highlighted the inside-out process his team is taking on the project.

Mr. Lumsden said: “the improvements are an intrinsic change in terms of policy; they are just as much about changing hearts and minds. The revitalization will focus efforts on both diversification and inclusion, especially as current trends point towards an increase in downtown living and away from suburban living, a trend driven by millennials.”  

The Ministry is seeking to address issues such as: a lack of parking, traffic, housing options, transit and transportation, walkability and connectivity, lack of lighting, green spaces and parks as well as single-use zoning.

Deputy Chief Officer Tristan Hydes explained that bringing on board the George Town Manager is just one telling sign of Government’s commitment to the initiative.

He added: “Mr. Lumsden has been busy over the first couple of months and I foresee it ramping up even more as we implement projects over this year. From landscaping to infrastructure, buildout to code review, we’re optimistic that developers will take a Fresh Look at George Town”.

Next steps for the project include a partnership with CUC to improve lighting in the city centre, tree planting, city furniture, an extension to Godfrey Nixon Way and parking initiatives.

Watch the presentation in full on CIGTV C3 ch. 3 and Logic ch. 23 and on-demand on YouTube.

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