October 27, 2020

Cayman Islands: George Town door to door canvassing starts 30 October


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voteElections Office enumerators will begin going door to door in to canvas for voters on Sunday, 30 October and continue until 28 November 2016.

Deputy Supervisor of Elections Sheena Glasgow noted during this compressed four-week period of canvassing, enumerators will visit homes to register new voters as well as to register changes to name, occupation or street address for electors already registered.

“We’ll also be finishing up small areas in , North Side, Bodden Town and West Bay which were not completed by the end of September,” said.

George Town voters are encouraged to have copies of supporting documents on hand to be ready for the enumerator who visits them. As an example, supporting documents will have to be provided by first time registrants whether Holders or Caymanian born, Ms Glasgow explained.

First time registrants who are Caymanian born and with Caymanian parent(s) or grandparents will have to provide the following documents:

1) their birth certificate, if born in the Cayman Islands; and

2) the birth certificate of one of their parents or grandparents who was born in the Islands; and

3) photo ID: either their passport or driver’s licence.

Caymanian Status holders will have to provide as supporting documents their

1) birth certificate,

2) Caymanian Status certificate and

3) either their passport or driver’s licence for photo ID.

“Also, persons already registered who have a name change to be processed will need to supply either a marriage certificate or a deed poll as supporting documentation,” Ms Glasgow added.

For further information about the May 2014 General Elections, please visit www.elections.ky.


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