Panam Sports contributed a total of $400,000 (£314,000/€349,000) – comprised of $200,000 (£157,000/€175,000) from the Olympamerica Program and $200,000 (£157,000/€175,000) from the Infrastructure Program – to help “make the dreams of Cayman Islands’ Olympic leaders and great athletes come true”.

The building consists of five offices, a training area, offices for the President, secretary general and vice-president, a mini-museum depicting the history of the CIOC, a small library as well as a gift shop to sell memorabilia and receive more resources for its athletes.

The inauguration ceremony of the new facilities was attended by the highest authorities of Panam Sports, including President Neven Ilic.

Also present was the secretary general of the CIOC, Carson Ebanks, the treasurer, Bernie Bush, as well as Government officials.

“This first Olympic House is a dream come true,” Ebanks said.

“We spent many years in the offices that President Donald McLean kindly gave us, but when President Neven Ilic became the new President of Panam Sports we fortunately were presented with this opportunity to establish our own office.

“We have to thank God for the support of Panam Sports, without them we would not have been able to create this Olympic House.”

Ilic added: “We are really proud to be here in the Cayman Islands to inaugurate this first Olympic House.

“This is part of the strategic plan that Panam Sports initiated a year ago, and we really want to congratulate President Donald McLean and Carson Ebanks for the great job they are doing here in the name of sport.”

Panam Sports secretary general Ivar Sisniega claimed he is convinced the Olympic House will “greatly help the development of sport” in the Cayman Islands.

“Hopefully more member countries can take advantage of the different programmes that we are offering” he added.

After the opening remarks from the sport leaders, the CIOC took the opportunity to recognise all the athletes who have represented the Cayman Islands in the Olympic Games throughout their history.

The CIOC also paid tribute to the most outstanding athletes of the recent Barranquilla 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games, where the island nation won three bronze medals in squash.

Eilidh Lauren Bridgeman and Jade Janice Pitcairn rounded out the podium in the women’s doubles event, while there was also a third-place finish for the duo and Marlene Georgia West in the women’s team competition.

Cameron Stafford and West were the mixed doubles bronze medallists.


Panam Sports President Neven Ilic said the inauguration of the Olympic House is part of a strategic plan initiated a year ago ©Panam Sports

The Cayman Islands Olympic Committee has opened its first Olympic House in the Cayman Business Park in George Town ©Panam Sports

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