October 23, 2020

Cayman Islands’ Firearms Amnesty


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Six weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition handed over during first week of Cayman Islands’ Firearms Amnesty, 8 June

Over the first week of the Firearms Amnesty, 1-8 June, 2 handguns and 4 rifles have been handed over to police, along with over 290 rounds of ammunition.

“We are pleased to see that these members of the public have taken advantage of this opportunity to hand firearms in with no questions asked,” said Deputy Commissioner Kurt Walton. “We encourage others to follow this example and help us make our community that much more safe.”

A PSA video explaining the amnesty and different ways to surrender a gun or ammunition, along with a full written explanation of the amnesty, is on the RCIPS website at firearms amnesty page.

“The amnesty continues for the next three weeks,” added , “This means that if you have an illegal firearm, you still have three weeks to choose between potentially facing 7 to 10 years for possession, or handing in a firearm between the hours of 7AM and 10PM.”

IMAGE: Guns.com

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