August 3, 2021

Cayman Islands Extended After School Programme

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box321The Ministry of Education, Training & Employment piloted the Extended After School Program (EASP) for students in the secondary schools in April 2011, between the hours of 3:30pm to 5:30. Which was a need for students that were out of school during that time frame, who generally had little or no parental supervision as most parents are still at work.

The programme started with eighty(80) students and ten activities but now serves up to 1,400 students. In September 2011/12 School year, the Government partner Cayman Outreach Association (a NGO who has been volunteering in the school system for few years) and George Town Sport Club and implemented the EASP in all Government operated primary danceand high schools which has seen the program attract over fourteen hundred (l400) students throughout all primary and high schools The EASP was devised as a solution to keep these children in adult supervision during this critical time in their lives.

It has been a great success, evidenced by the diverse activities and the development of new bonds established in the drumscommunity. The programme operates Monday through Friday for approximately three hours per day. A wide array of exciting and challenging activities and services designed to support positive student outcomes both in and out of school will be offered at each site. Registration forms are provided to schools and the schools are responsible for disseminating them to students and parents.

Our Team
Our team consists of over 180 volunteers – persons who are managers, coordinators, coaches, teachers, bus monitors and administration personnell. We work together to make the EASP the success it has become today. We are looking for more volunteers to get on board. If you can and/or flight-club1want to know how you can support the programme go to the website:

On CIFEC compound, 515 Walker Road The old John Gray High School campus, Walker’s Road.

Our mission is to provide wholesome and challenging activities for our children, in a structured environment, led by caring and knowledgeable, stipend volunteer and voluntary staff.

a) To provide comprehensive, high quality youth development activities that will provide afterschool educational, therapeutic, recreational, mentoring and cultural programmes and services designed to improve the social, emotional and academic competencies of school aged children.
b) To provide methods to increase parental participation with their child(ren) and the school.
c) To provide an intense intervention programme for younger students who are at risk.

The desired outcomes of the project are:
1. To improve the social, emotional and academic competencies of school age children.
2. To reduce negative youth behaviours (i.e. violence and crime; teen pregnancy;
tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse; disengagement from school; and health compromising behaviours).
3. To reduce incidents of violence in schools and the community.
4. To provide parents with a safe after-school environment for their children.

All programmes are provided FREE of charge.

The Extended Aafter School Program is funded by the Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs, Corperate Cayman and other monetary donations from organizations in the private sector.

The EASP operates Monday through Friday from 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm in the primary schools. In the secondary schools, operational hours are Monday through Friday from 3:00 pm – 5:45 pm, and the office open from 11:30am – 7:30pm, Students are expected to report to their respective activity sites on each school campus. Activities include educational cultural activities, various clubs, homework clubs, board/video games, sport tournaments, and indoor and outdoor activities. Busing is available.

The EASP begins in September and ends in June of each school year. Sessions will run in accordance with the Department of Education Services school calendar. Please refer to your calendar for school closings and other events. In the event of an emergency school closing, the programme will not be in operation.

EASP welcomes phone calls from family members. The EASP has a
Programme Manager and a team of Programme Coordinators to disseminate information to family members. A Family Orientation document is provided to inform families of expectations and rules of the EASP.

Each student in the EASP program is registered and is given an ID card to access all our activities and a bus pass to ride the bus in the evening, which is given at the end of each activity by the coordinator. Also each parent signs a contract outlining their responsibilities to the program and the program responsibilities for their child while they are in the program care. The EASP operate a open door policy where parent, volunteers and community members can visit the program to see what is offered on any given day.

The program is evaluated each year by a external entity to ensure that program is meeting the needs of the community, also each location prepares a quarter report and a financial audit is done at end of each year for the Government and donor,


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  1. I always love hearing about different after school programs. These programs really are extremely beneficial to students of every age. This gives them the opportunity to make really good friends and invest their talents in the community. Every child should be given the opportunity to share their talents with the world.

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