June 20, 2021

Cayman Islands Elections Office gets ready for Wed. May 24th 2017 General Elections

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Elections - Register to VoteGeorge Town, Cayman Islands, 2016

The Elections Office team has already begun its preparations for the 2017 General Elections. Training of elections workers has already started and a series of public awareness campaigns is set to begin.

A focus of the office will be on improved communications. In addition to a new, modern logo, the office has also revamped its website to better provide voters with information.

Ongoing logistical preparations will continue for some time, Supervisor of Elections Wesley Howell says. These include sourcing assignment materials needed for conducting the polling and the counting, and coordinating logistical items such as ballot boxes, voting booths and other supplies.

At the same time, the Supervisor notes that much of his office’s focus over the next year will be on recruiting new and returning staff members and getting those persons up to speed with the new elections process. However, the office will also ensure that all sections of the public have as clear an understanding as possible of what the changes will mean for them.

Elections Register to VoteAn initial training session for 19 Returning Officers took place earlier this week. It was moved forward to May from the expected date of January/February 2017, to ensure that officers are able to mobilise in the event of an early election. Returning officers are responsible for Nominations Day proceedings and for issuing postal ballots.

More training is planned for all elections staff throughout the year. In addition to the pool of returning Officers, 21 persons are currently working for the Elections Office. Within the coming months that will increase to near 50 persons and during Elections Day, 350 workers will be deployed.

Also, beginning this month, the Elections Office is increasing media appearances and announcements encouraging new voters to register and existing voters to update their details. Additionally, it will work in the coming weeks to enhance public awareness of the changes to the voting process that will follow the planned moved to a single member electoral district system.

Once launched, these campaigns will share important information with the public through a variety of media channels and will continue through Elections Day. Mr. Howell explains that a special emphasis will be placed on getting young voters registered by reaching out to that demographic through social media and youth-centric radio and TV programmes. With this objective in mind officials are presently set to conduct registration drives at the University College of the Cayman Islands 11-12 May 2016.

Government’s legislative drafting team is working on Elections Law amendments which are expected to be delivered to the Cabinet within the month of May.
Meanwhile, not mandated by the Elections Law, a list verification exercise is set to run from July-September 2016. This will ensure that the list is as current and accurate as possible.

To facilitate this work, the Elections Office has revamped its website to make it more reader-friendly and effortless to access information. The website contains easily accessible maps of the 19 Single Member Electoral Districts as well as a database search so persons can determine which of the single member districts they fall in. The site also features the Office’s new grey and orange logo.

“We have a comprehensive programme of work ahead of us, and we are determined to deliver free, fair and transparent elections called for under the Constitution and the Elections Law. Our new branding is an indication our commitment to building on the excellent foundation of elections officials over the years and continuing the work of modernising elections in the Cayman Islands.

The Supervisor emphasises his belief that his office has developed a clear way forward that would allow it to expeditiously reach its goals.

For more information, visit www.elections.ky, email [email protected] or call 949-9054.

Key Deliverables by Month.
May 2016
• Press Conference and official launch of new Elections website with improved layout and data on new boundaries. The website includes a new database that reflects the 19 proposed Electoral Districts
• Voter Outreach Campaign-
• Register and update your information
• Media appearances, Supervisor and Registering Officers
• Update training manuals and other collateral document
June 2016
• Voter outreach campaign
• Check where you are registered and where you will vote
• Introduction of registering officers
July 2016
• List verification door to door exercise begins
• Distribution of FAQ’s on 19 Single Member Electoral Districts in concert with list verification
• Education for Elections Office staff and voters on changes to the Elections Law
August 2016
• List verification exercise continues
September 2016
• Last month list verification exercise
• Launch Candidate Education programme
• Launch anti-corruption messaging directed at voters
October, November, December 2016
• Brief media on communications plan for run-up and elections day proceedings
• Orientation training for new polling staff
• Issuing of Writs to Returning Officer
January 2017
• Communications focus will shift to ‘Last Chance’ to Register for Elections in May 2017
• Training for all polling staff and elections works
February 2017
• Publish FAQ’s about Nomination Day and new nominations forms
• Meeting with Candidates and party leaders
• Training for all polling staff and elections works
• Press release on how and when to request mobile and postal ballots
March 2017
• Launch of ballot and voting videos to the public
• Increased communications on how to vote (one person one vote) and where to vote (polling stations)
• Nominations Day
• Issuing of postal ballots
April 2017
• Launch of ballot and voting videos to the public
• Continue media releases on how to vote (one person one vote) and where to vote (polling stations)
• Nominations Day
• Issuing of postal ballots
May 2017
• Publish information on Elections Day proceedings (such as, things to leave at home cell phones, not wearing party memorabilia including shirts on election day)
• Brief meeting on Elections day media relations and the release of official elections results
June 2017
• Elections expense returns due
• Publish post elections report
• Publish elections expense report

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For more information, visit www.elections.ky, email [email protected] or call 949-9054.

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