April 8, 2020

Cayman Islands Easter bun, the junk-food experiment, Summer camps for weight loss and more


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Inspired Lifestyles with Donna

Spring Programs Begin After Easter
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Bun and Cheese – An Easter Tradition in Cayman and
Fresh Start – Achieve Your Healthiest Weight
The BBC Fast Food Experiment – A Game Changer?
Specialty- Support Weight Loss for Teens            

Although I offer a variety of programs and services, (see my website), this April Newflash focuses on achieving a healthy-weight. This may not relate specifically to you, yet I am sure you have friends, family or co-workers who may benefit. Please share. My goal as a Success Coach and Lifestyle Consultant is for you to achieve your goals and never need my classes/services again. In Fresh Start, my extensive program, learn everything you need to know from meal planning, managing weekends without weight gain, becoming self-motivated and becoming your personal best. Through proven methodology, I will help you develop your own unique lifestyle for success without having to suffer restrictive diet plans (which fail in the long run) or extreme exercise measures. My success (I’ve lot 87 lbs and keep it off easily) can be yours. Please call for a free consultation chat to see if my program is for you. Donna.

For a Free Consultation Chat with Donna, Please Call: 929-7512
Click Here to View The BBC Junk Food Experiment
Summer Camps for Teens – Shape Up and Slim Down

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